Reading and Writing Workshop Testimonials - Children’s Thoughts

“I liked when the cat sat on my lap. It was super-duper furry and I liked when the girl slipped in the bag.”

“It was nice, I liked the story. It was about a cat and it sat on my lap and it was so fluffy. I couldn’t believe so many things fit in Grandma’s bag.”

It was good and I liked when they all fell in the bag and the cat was running and couldn’t get out.”

I liked the cat and we got to count the cats. We got to put our hands in the bag and pulled out things to describe, I liked that bit.”

Comments from EYFS/KS1 at St Peter’s Infant School, Rochester


I really enjoyed reading Grandma Georgia’s Handbag because it was full of so many things, but I did get worried when the little girl fell into the bag. I thought she would fall forever but luckily Grandma pulled her out.

I love the story and I loved making Grandma’s bag.

I got to hold Black Cat. I liked looking for him in the story.

Some comments from the children in EYFS/KS1 at Featherby Infant School, Gillingham


I liked it when the author read parts of the story to us – it made me feel excited to find out what happened next. It was a completely unique story. Everyone should read it!

I really enjoyed hearing parts of the story read out and Karen asking us questions and letting us ask them – like how she comes up with story ideas. I liked how she explained why we should use things like onomatopoeia in writing. It was great to hear what new words meant as well.

I thought the workshop was so much fun! I liked how the writing work Karen gave us fitted in with the readings. I especially liked putting the Gremlin on trial for flushing Kade’s phone down the toilet. We had to write arguments for and against the Gremlin getting into trouble. My side won!

Some comments from the children in KS2 at Featherby Junior School, Gillingham


I really enjoyed the workshop. It was really, really fun!

I liked it because we did fun activities!

I enjoyed this workshop because I loved the book.

I like how you read bits out from the book.

Some comments from the children in Years 3 & 4